Meet Victoria

Victoria Alli-Johnson (a.k.a MsVick)

I am a Product Designer from Lagos, Nigeria leveraging my skills to help companies build usable and value-adding digital solutions for their target market; with 5+ combined industry experience in Product Design, Product Management, Customer Experience and Community Management.

I design Web and Mobile applications across various sectors including SaaS, HealthTech, and a few others.

My design processes embodies human-centered and business thinking. 

Understanding that businesses and corporate organizations are going digital in every possible way, I aim to design solutions that enables effective automation and optimization of operational processes to reduce costs and increase revenue.

I give myself to continuous discovery and learning, with a keen interest in exploring UX for Web3 and the Blockchain technologies.

I am a builder and a huge community advocate in every way, currently building these two communities with amazing teams:


This is a community of creatives from Nigeria and Africa, who are collectively supporting one another in building a successful career in the Design & Tech space.


This is a community for under represented Motion Designers around the world, especially in Africa, Asia even Australia. I work with the Batch Team to plan and facilitate community engagement among over 600 Motion Designers.